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Become part of the Merkur team and become a daily newspaper deliverer.

What Merkur offers to you:
It's a secure job with fair pay with a reliable employer.

We pay you extra money at night, mileage allowance and provide your work equipment.
And your workplace is towards your doorstep.

If you're of age, then apply now!
Mini-job, part time or full time is possible, you can start in a few days.

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Münchner Merkur/Heimatzeitungen
Paul-Heyse-Straße 2-4 80336 München

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Your benefits

Your are reliable and minimum 18 years old?
You like getting up early and working independently?
If you are looking for a job come to us as a deliverer for the daily newspaper.

More time for family and friends

After having finished your work you still have the whole day ahead of you and time for family and your hobbies.

Working independently

Working independently and a short distance to your job are further benefits.

immune system

From working outdoors in all kinds of wheater you are doing the best for your health.

On top for your

Paid vacation and continuation of payments in case of illness are included.

That is not enough? – Find out more in a personal conversation.

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Münchner Merkur/Heimatzeitungen
Paul-Heyse-Straße 2-4 80336 München

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About us

Münchner Merkur and his newspapers is the successful regional brand in the area of Munich. Münchner Merkur and his newspapers appears from Monday till Saturday with around Daily Circulation from 179.413 Ex (Mo-Sa lt.IVW II/2017).

About 725.000 People are reading the Münchner Merkur and his 21 regional newspapers every day. Approx 5.000 People bring the newspaper early in the morning to the subscripers.

The Münchner Merkur and tz are searching reliable newspaper deliverer in the area of Freising, Erding, Dorfen, Fürstenfeldbruck, Munich, Ebersberg, Starnberg, Wolfratshausen, Holzkirchen, Schongau, Weilheim, Penzberg, Bad Tölz, Miesbach, Tegernsee, Murnau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The numbers speak for themselves.

200 000


Delivered newspapers daily